Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They called with a need

The Bright House Foundation is young, yet we are still able to help. Within the past few days a need has been brought to us. There are several families throughout the state of Alabama who will not have a Christmas without our help. These families have at least one child with special needs. But, for one reason or another, they can't make ends meet this Christmas. They are working to provide for their family, address the needs of their special needs child and their other children.

When I say, "they won't have a Christmas without our help", I don't mean they won't get the Wii they've always wanted or the cool boots from the department store. This is real life. They want to provide basic necessities to their children, like clothes and food and diapers plus purposeful toys and books that can educate and entertain their children. Their child with special needs also needs some specific toys so they can grow and learn to their potential. We know The Bright House Foundation is young and new, but we also believe we can help.

These families are all receiving early intervention services somewhere within the state of Alabama. They all need help. They all try to provide what is best for their family. I want to be clear, they are not receiving gifts or donations from any other organization. The families do not know we have been asked to help them. They aren't looking for handouts. The service providers who know them and their daily lives want to provide for them and could use our help.

Any amount helps this specific and time urgent cause. You may give by donating to The Bright House Foundation directly, joining Team X Man or donating to a team member of Team X Man.

Tony and Nancy Kurre
Founders of The Bright House Foundation

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