Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another sample recruitment and fundraising letter for Team X Man

Hey guys,

Our good friends, Tony and Nancy Kurre, are hosting a benefit to raise money for the Bright House Foundation this Wed. night from 5 to 9p at the Trussville location of Buffalo Wild Wings. To explain, they adopted a son from Guatemala who has special needs. They have noticed through their family's journey as Xavier has gotten older, that there are many services lacking for children with special needs, especially somewhere to be involved and flourish. The foundation is being formed in order to provide services in different locations that otherwise would not be able to service these children and adults as well as to provide a support network for the families. You can go to the website,, to learn more. We are doing the Village to Village run in Mountain Brook on January 23rd to raise money for the foundation and you can sign up for our team (Team X-man) and receive your t-shirt at the event on Wed. night. We will also be having another benefit at the 280 location of Buffalo Wild Wings on Dec. 2. Please come if you can, sign up for our team, and FYI, you don't even have to run or walk in the race.....just sign up for our team and show your support for this AWESOME cause. Even raise a little money or donate if you can to help as well. As a sister of a special needs individual, this is REALLY important and can change so many lives. Please check out the website. You can sign up for the team online if you can't make it to either event. I know I have already mentioned this to some of you, but please check it out, and if you feel inclined, do what you can!!!! We will all be there. We are running (and probably walking some) the 10K and our son will be doing the fun run.

Love to you all,

Sample Fundraising and Recruitment Letter for Team X Man

Hey all!
Did any of you think I could stay away from a cause for long?? First let me thank everyone for supporting me in my journey with Leukemia Lymphoma Society. It was by far the coolest thing I have ever accomplished. Since then I have been searching for something to get involved in.
It all happened this summer when 2 of my closest friends, Nancy & Tony Kurre told me about an idea they had to form a foundation that would give every child and adult the opportunity to reach their fullest, brightest potential among their peers and within their community by providing funding to organizations within Alabama which serve those with special needs. For them its personal. For me its personal. Their youngest son Xavier is special needs.
Here is what you can do. Please take a few minutes & check out their website & read Xavier's story, let it inspire you to "do something".
I joined "Team X Man" to help raise money for The Bright House Foundation, by running the Village to Village 10k race in January. Join us, donate, give your something..


Almost forgot, if you do join Team X Man, don't
forget to put my name down on who recruited you
to the team, I have my eye on one of the fab prizes..
check it out!!!

Team X Man Fundraising and Recruitment Letter Sample

I hope this email finds all of you doing well. Okay ... so most of you should know by now that I'm not one to forward emails to you about jokes, chain letters, 'good luck' emails, etc. BUT, I am forwarding this one personally to each and every one of you. So, please take a minute or two out of your busy day to finish reading the rest of this email.

Santo's brother, Xavier, is a child with special needs and his parents, Tony and Nancy Kurre, are starting a non-profit organization in Birmingham called "The Bright House Foundation". The foundation would give every child and adult the opportunity to reach their fullest, brightest potential by providing funding to organizations within Alabama which serve those with special needs.The link below provides more information about what they are trying to do and if you click on the tab 'about us', you'll find Xavier's story.,

With that in mind, I'm planning to join their first fund-raising effort at the Village to Village 10k run on January 23rd; see website for complete details. I would love to have you sign up for the race with me or just make a donation. (I want to make clear that am not interested in or doing this for any of the prizes listed below). I'm doing this because Xavier holds a special place in my heart and I would like to do everything that I can to help.

Registration is only $12 or you may make a donation for any amount. I know you all have various causes that you already donate to, but please make this a special consideration. You can register/donate online, or write a check payable to the The Bright House Foundation and mail to the following address:

208 Oakmont Rd.
Birmingham, AL 35242

Thanks you for your time.

With love,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They called with a need

The Bright House Foundation is young, yet we are still able to help. Within the past few days a need has been brought to us. There are several families throughout the state of Alabama who will not have a Christmas without our help. These families have at least one child with special needs. But, for one reason or another, they can't make ends meet this Christmas. They are working to provide for their family, address the needs of their special needs child and their other children.

When I say, "they won't have a Christmas without our help", I don't mean they won't get the Wii they've always wanted or the cool boots from the department store. This is real life. They want to provide basic necessities to their children, like clothes and food and diapers plus purposeful toys and books that can educate and entertain their children. Their child with special needs also needs some specific toys so they can grow and learn to their potential. We know The Bright House Foundation is young and new, but we also believe we can help.

These families are all receiving early intervention services somewhere within the state of Alabama. They all need help. They all try to provide what is best for their family. I want to be clear, they are not receiving gifts or donations from any other organization. The families do not know we have been asked to help them. They aren't looking for handouts. The service providers who know them and their daily lives want to provide for them and could use our help.

Any amount helps this specific and time urgent cause. You may give by donating to The Bright House Foundation directly, joining Team X Man or donating to a team member of Team X Man.

Tony and Nancy Kurre
Founders of The Bright House Foundation